Saturday, 11 June 2011

I heart homewares

I heart homewares, but not like your usual designer fetishist who swoons at Alessi bottle openers, revels in a morning Breville made espresso coffee and lusts over the latest Bang and Olufsen speakers. 
My homeware delights are less a statement on my designer taste and fashion nous, and instead are more of a demonstration of my inner child and outer goof ball. I firmly believe a quirky home is a comfortable home that people can enjoy, relax and have fun in.

I want to share with you a few of my most loved pieces, as well as some that are yet to be made and are still in the design stage. I've also included links to my 'top 5 great websites for gaining homewares and design inspiration'.

My place is full of bright colours with a shabby chic feel, porcelain Australiana figurines, home made and recycled wood furniture and fantastic art.

I boast a ‘quality over quantity’ collection of Australian artists works, including some of my very own super talented friends.

Here are some hipstamatics of a few of my homey favourites:

An original Mardi Nowak tapestry featuring fashionistas like Kate, Stella and Alexander.
SQUEEEAL I still can’t believe I own this, she is my Sista from another Mista, my lady partner in crime, art, fashion and more crime, so I am in a unique position to have obtained such a coveted piece:

You can lust over her works at her VERY entertaining and informative blog, and also see her fantastic curator-ness at the Town Hall Gallery.

This next work has a very big place in my heart: a bright, fantastic abstract piece by Adrian Conti who designed this series on his long drives to visit his brother in jail.
The little piece next to it, is another exceptional Australian street artist Meggs, an original He-Man head (lucky me!).

I also adore a Brisbane based artist duo Ruffbat, who do these wonderfully detailed Australian Surfer pieces on wood, very talented, very fun!

So that’s some of the O’Shea collection, admittedly it’s no John Kaldor collection at the Art Gallery of NSW, but it’s certainly high quality and I’m very proud to know so many fantastic Australian artists.

Here are some of my quirkier house pieces:

My hot pink couch featuring old printed pillow cases I sold in Fitzroy some years back, I love these old heroes, Hunter S, Lemmy von Motorhead, Vali Meyers...I call it pop-comfort.

My favourite Iguana – Jub Jub he is a cool dude picked up at a $2 store on Smith St in Fitzroy Melbourne. (Note my rad fuschia fur earmuffs and designer bunny stuffed with winter rain anorak). 

Here is my quiet Koala obsession; these are hard to come by so each one is an achievement:

I thought I would also include some mock-ups of cushions that I wanted to screen print and make. 
I'm not sure if we’ll ever produce them, but I like things a bit silly and naughty in the home so tried my hand at it:

Here are my top 5 ‘go to’ sites for all things quirky homewares and object designer inspiration…They are full of fantastic ideas and are mostly Australian:

Top 3 by design – 3 products per category, deemed best by design: Sydney based: 
My favourite items are these whiskey stones so your expensive whiskey (helloo Johnny blue) does not get watered down: 

Design Dispensary – They represent boutique homeware designers and ‘up and comers’: Melbourne based.

My favourite is this stylish typography plate.

Urban Outfitters – If you live under some geo-chic rock, than you may not have heard of this lot, but they are HUGE in the USA and started to ship to Australia recently so very exciting:

My favourite…umm everything, but this yellow sofa would look great with my STOP HAMMERTIME cushions

Cristian Zuzunaga – Aside from having the most badass name, his pixel fabrics on homewares…WHOLLY CRAP = WANT!

Not Couture – Online portal for inspiration, I particularly like their Liqurious section on all things BOOZE! After all, a fun home is one that friends can party in too!


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