Friday, 22 July 2011

Pimp my Blog...

So for the tech-tards out there (ME!!) you will be mighty impressed with some additional features on my blog...but for those of you who are proficient and oracle like with Blogger (Mardi Nowak) I'm sure you will pat my head and nod approvingly. 

This guy has a great 'how to' on YouTube (he also has the cutest lispy speech impediment) and it was a real helper for adding those tabs, I'm super visual so this was great.

It's hard to write an 'about' page though, I spent 3 hours coming up with a few small paragraphs. My main issues being - 
a) I'm a chronic 'over sharer' and I have to consciously protect others from a tendency to provide WAAAY too much information, I think I just have a touch of the ol' 'boundary issues'
b) There's so much that makes up a person, it's hard to know what people will find interesting or relevant, so I tried to keep to my original reasons for starting the blog, fashion, art, illustration, n stuff.

Which led to my 'History n Stuff' page, I thoroughly enjoyed digging out all the amazing product I've worked on in the past. But again there are loads of little projects and art shows that I've worked on that aren't included as I'm trying to stick to some sort of point. 

And finally the 'Current Illustrations' tab will be great for me to keep updated, at the moment a lot of my illustration time is dedicated to Fringe Club so most of my stuff will be on that blog for now, but I always manage to draw something for fun. 

So this weeks blog homework for you will be to click the linkey-woos up above. 


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