Friday, 29 July 2011

Everyday Hero - Biblioburro

This post is a little deeper than usual, but I figured blogging is about what inspires me and I was definitely inspired and motivated by this 'everyday hero' I discovered on SBS (what a great channel). 
Luis Soriano and his sturdy donkeys Alfa and Beto, travel up to 8 hours a day taking books to children who live in remote areas of La Gloria, Columbia. Donkeys are ideal for the terrain and their 'sturdiness' to carry lots of stuff over a long period of time. 
Luis has rigged his donkeys with  saddles that can carry 100's of books at a time, he calls his set-up 'Biblioburro' - which translates to Donkey Library. 
Luis is a fascinating, positive character who blew my mind with his focus and passion. 
These Columbian children have seen violence and despair and have limited access to resources or education. Luis as a primary school teacher, believes education is the key to a strong nation of people who say 'no' to violence. 
So you can see for yourself this amazing story and potentially bawl as I did, take the time to watch this 5 minute clip on Luis
Also the New York times wrote a great article on the Biblioburro and explains a little deeper about the paramilitary bands and lawless hills Luis travelled through to get the kids their books. Most of the violence has subsided now but the communities are left in ruin. 
I did what I normally do with my inspiration and put pen to paper...this is for my new hero Luis Soriano and his donkey Alfa -  
Thank you Luis for reminding us to focus on what we CAN do...


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