Saturday, 27 August 2011

Australiana can be fabulous:

To carry on from the theme of last weeks blog, I worked on a few more Australiana inspired Tea-Towel designs this week. 
This is becoming a bit of a mini-series, and I'm loving the idea of fluorescent colours in the kitchen. 

Here's my Echidna Tea-Towel: their biggest threat is the motor-car, so I tried to put a little warning message in this design: 
Look at his face, 'don't run me over': 

I've also mocked up a first draft of a Kangaroo Tea-Towel: 
Kangaroos have the opposite problem to Koala's and Echidnas, they are fast breeding and hardy, so tend to 'over-populate' and destroy habitat of other endangered species. 
They are beautiful and deserve our respect so is important we find other ways of management other than 'culling'. 
I've always had a thing for kitch Australiana goods. It's difficult to find quality Australian inspired design, especially in homewares. So I'm always searching, or just giving it a go myself.  

When you think of Australiana imagery I KNOW you're thinking of this:
Or crazy Souvenirs like these: 
However there is a deep and sophisticated design history in Australia, starting with our art and moving into fashion. 
Here are my top 3 'When I think of Australiana I think of this' by SOS:  

1) John Skeaping's Wedgwood Kangaroo - Designed in the late twenties, auctions for about $2000, STUNNING: 
2) This exciting contemporary aboriginal artist Reko Rennie
Reko combines street and traditional aboriginal art in mesmerising and inspiring big scale works: 
His work are important as they are beautiful, and my love for all things fluorescent and Australiana are sated by this amazing artist: 
Entitling one of his collections (Ab)original, Rennie could not have been more closely on the mark.
Also I just have to mention the stunning Wattle dress Elizabeth II wore for us Aussies, painted beautifully by our own William Dargie, a reproduction and little piece on this portrait can be found at Hawthorn's Town Hall Gallery: Not that I'm a monarchist but great frock nonetheless. 


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