Saturday, 3 September 2011

Here's how you do it Homie...

I used to visit my Nan and Pop in Wollongong when I was much shorter. Like most pip-squeaks I had a short attention span and became bored with most activities in 30 seconds.
My glorious Nan was forever inventing ways to entertain me, often giving up her linen cupboard or old costume jewellery so I could destroy it and glue it back together in some hideous way, which I would then receive generous praise for. 
My most memorable and fun 'crafty' moment was when my attention deficit eye (much like Mordor) roamed the living room and landed on my statuesque grandfather, quietly keeping to his cross-word puzzle. Pop used to turn his hearing aid off to cleverly cut out my ruckus. 
Pop was totally bald which inspired my little fingers to get to work on one of Nan's lace pillow-cases...I turned it in to strands of hair, tied it together and made him a gorgeous wig. Pop wore it the whole afternoon and finished his cross-word puzzle. 

I'm not generally the inventive type however I do have a knack for seeing a niche in a market (getting it to market is a whole other story), perhaps this is where it all started.  

I've had a few frivolous creative moments this week and found myself getting 'crafty' instead of the usual 'arty', but finding the art of exploration and creative relaxing a real treat! 

I've always been one for good references and inspiration. So thanks to this team of cool ladies at Honestly WTF and their tuned in ways. They basically democratise cool shit, 'you like that Proenza Schouler Rope necklace? well here's how you make one homie'...which is precisely what I did: 

Here's some crappy rope n stuff I had lying around the house:

Here's the DIY: 

Here's my finished result: 

Here's me posing: 

How did I make those cool photo frames? Well I need to mention Instagram, it's the quickest way to get inspired by all my crafty/arty mates and other randoms that I stalk, if you have an Iphone...I recommend checking this out. 

Also Red Velvet are truly the queens of 'DIY', they are helping me learn how to sew with their E-Course! 



  1. It looks cute! I can't wait to see it in the flesh!

  2. Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master