Saturday, 10 September 2011

What is this 'Hipster'?

We've all heard of this sub-culture 'Hipsters' but how do we know what one is? 

I like the definition found in 'The Hipster Handbook' by Robert Lanham

"Typically a Hipster can be identified by vintage or thrift-store bought clothing, a taste for obscure or underground music, a penchant for irony and an elitist attitude."

I was quite indifferent to the whole 'Hipster' scene until I decided to work out what one was, I was a bit shocked to learn I'm about 238% Hipster...

These are the signs to look for if you want to admit to being a Hipster:

- If you immediately think, 'I'm not a Hipster!' then you're probably at least 5%
- You have heard of/use/love Instagram and have some obscure alter ego that posts posey shots of yourself on there regularly 

- You are a girl and like boys with facial hair, or are a boy and have facial hair. Note: boys who have no facial hair, but like boys who have facial hair, may also be considered a Hipster. Add additional points if you like facial hair so much that you were involved in a group art show called 'Beardo' and wore a crocheted beard around the opening night. 

- You like/own vintage clothing 
- You like/own tight jeans. Note: If they are SUPER tight you're most likely well on your way
- You like to wear flannelette but don't really know how to spell it...
- If you find yourself 'Pattern Clashing' and getting really good at the 'I can't be bothered' look  
- You like/own raybans or ironic eyewear including the recently memed 'thick rimmed glasses' 

- You blow dry your hair from one side 
- You sneer at people who listen to Coldplay
- If you listen to music that no one else would have heard of - add 123.56%
- Your favourite joke is 'how many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb? the number is too obscure for you to understand'. 
- You like to sit in a cafe and surf your ipad for hours
- You like public transport but prefer riding your fixed gear bicycle 
- You are a 'niche consumer' preferably purchasing from local retailers, and are totally bummed when you realise that Thomas Dux is in fact owned by Woolworths
-  You read VICE and Wallpaper magazines but are too dumb to remember to use your NGV membership card at Mag Nation for a discount
- You watch foreign films (because all your friends do) but find them depressing and would much prefer to watch something with a bit of action
- You love blogs, music blogs, art blogs, fashion blogs, you have your own blog...or two
- You love local fashion, you probably have/had/have/had/have a fashion label
- You like stuff before it was cool and often find pieces in the back of your wardrobe you designed SEASONS before everybody else did 
- You take pictures of your feet 
- You have tattoos
- You don't take yourself too seriously and often dress up in weird hats after a few drinks
- You have an artsy education, this includes the social sciences 
- You don't like to define yourself and avoid being labelled as this is too mainstream
- You illustrate pictures of things you blog about every Saturday morning: 

See my cute Hipster girl and her boyfriends:  

For more info on Hipsters see: 

- Dads are the original hipsters 
- Accidental Chinese Hipsters 
- The urban dictionary on their definition


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