Saturday, 28 April 2012


My pre-moving house vision of being without an internet connection at home, was akin to a trip to the desert with no water...I found out that it's more like going on a well organised camping holiday. It can be very comfortable with lots of fun things to do to keep you occupied, but it's not the same as home...with an internet connection. 

Crappy analogies aside, I've been super productive without an internet connection, albeit a bit random, I'll post up a few of my illustrations and creations, some are still percolating away but I don't mind exposing my process of the last 6 weeks of creative juice that filled my web-less time: 

Aesop fables are well renowned for telling simple truths and teaching morals in poetic metaphors. Many artists have used Aesop's symbolism, his fables use objects or animals to represent ideas other than itself, in clever and illuminating ways. 

My recent interpretation of Aesop Fables was inspired by textile patterns, pop art and breaking things down geometrically. I would love to make these out of fabric in a gaudy and fun quilt for a kids bedroom wall or throw. 

Tortoise and the Hare:

The Rooster and the Jewel:  

Other Aesop fables I enjoy and may illustrate: 

The Wolf and the Crane
The Ant and the Grasshopper
The North Wind and the Sun


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